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Martha Chason-Sokol
Affiliation:; Alumni
Upcoming exhibitions:  CAA, Blue 2019, Cambridge - (upcoming) - November/December 2019 Chandler Gallery, Fragments: Collaging the Material World, Cambridge - (upcoming) - October/November 2019 BCA, Boston Art Book Fair - (upcoming) - November 2019 BCA , Boston Drawing Show
Awards/Fellowships:   Scholarship - 11the Annual Encaustic Conference - 2017 Revere Arts Lottery Grant – 1987/1988 Ella Lyman Cabot Fellowship - 1987 Karen S. Spiegel Award - 1978 Debra Josepha Cohen Award – 1977

Personal website:
Artist Statement
​​Drawing Conversation ​​The practice of drawing anchors me. ​I use paint, ink, thread, markers, words, boxes and books to hear myself think. Through shape and line, I discover the structure, the flow, the breath of each piece. I watch the surface as forms emerge, disappear and transform into story. I paint organically, automatically and emotionally. Color deepens the conversation; it can be subtle, dark, funny, mad or exciting. My work is nonverbal conversation without referencing the external world.

Artwork submitted for the SMFA Art Sale


  Blue Man on Orange Rug  (1990)
Shrink-wrap - Mixed Media
Medium: mixed media  
Edition:    Quantity: 1
Dimensions (inches):   W: 23 H: 22

  Carmin's Chair  (1990)
Shrink-wrap - Drawings
Medium: Charcoal and Pastel  
Edition:    Quantity: 1
Dimensions (inches):   W: 25 H: 26

  Orange Lady  (1990)
Shrink-wrap - Drawings
Medium: Pastel  
Edition:    Quantity: 1
Dimensions (inches):   W: 26 H: 19

  Orange Man on Blue Rug  (1990)
Shrink-wrap - Drawings
Medium: Pastel and Oil Paster  
Edition:    Quantity: 1
Dimensions (inches):   W: 26 H: 20

  Blue Circle  (2017)
Wall Hanging - Prints
Medium: Pigmented beeswax with damar resin  
Edition: 1  Quantity: 1
Dimensions (inches):   W: 26 H: 22