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Lana Citowsky
Affiliation:; Alumni

Artist Statement
As a little girl helping her father develop film and print in the darkroom, I learned pictures tell stories. A picture is worth a thousand words. I take pictures and create images to let my ideas float out, as it is sometimes difficult to express my thoughts and ideas through words. Images convey my feelings, ideas and desires. In my work I explore the ideas of home from within and without. I investigate what is foreign and what is familiar, and how both are included in my identity. I look at the cultural constructs, societal norms and their intersections. With humor and an attention to light in the landscape, I examine language, giving concrete form to idiomatic phrases through a series of motion picture vignettes. I run around in circles, beat around the bush and jump to conclusions. I push the boundaries of the medium by emphasizing aspects that are not readily seen with a human eye. I illustrate idiomatic expressions found in my native language, language of my adopted country an

Artwork submitted for the SMFA Art Sale


  Curves  (2018)
Wall Hanging - Photographs
Medium: Acrylic print  
Edition:    Quantity: 1
Dimensions (inches):   W: 30 H: 20

  Sour Grapes  (2019)
Time based media - Video
Medium: Video  
Edition: 10  Quantity: 1
Dimensions (inches):   W: 16 H: 9