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M.J. Benson
Affiliation:; Alumni


Gallery:  Portland Art Gallery

Personal website:
Artist Statement
As a painter, I love the balance of the horizon, its ever steady line of delineation between the spaces of land, sky, sea. It’s the first stroke I make on the surface, and often the last. In between are layers and layers of light and color, sprung from memory but unbound by realism. I start with a framework, a few rules around composition or color, but it’s the tension between what I expect and what the painting is telling me that dictates the flow and finish. I work, watch, and wait, until the ever fickle shifting between place and memory stills itself harmoniously on the canvas. I grew up on the New England Coast, running along the edges of the water, swimming in its balmy waves, and sailing on its moody surface. I started my art practice as a photographer, working with alternative landscapes and materials, and moved into painting after moving to Maine in 2006. The ocean has always been my elegant muse, a balance point in the upheaval and ennui of a curious life.

Artwork submitted for the SMFA Art Sale


  Falls  (2018)
Wall Hanging - Paintings
Medium: Acrylic on canvas  
Edition:    Quantity: 1
Dimensions (inches):   W: 48 H: 48