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A.E. Ryan
Affiliation:; Alumni


Awards/Fellowships:   Fulbright Scholar, grant from: Blanche E. Colman Foundation, Arts on the Line (ArtsTops), Brookline Arts Council, Cambridge, Wellesley & Boston Arts Councils; fellow at Blue Mountain Art Center, Skopelos Center for the Arts, Fundacion Valparaiso,

Personal website:
Artist Statement
My work merges painting and sculpture, narration and abstraction, real and surreal. Featured is a myriad of found, reclaimed and recycled objects that evoke a sense of history and mirth. The palette ranges from the magical to the mundane. I embrace discarded and transformed wood and metal objects, as well as fabrics, old trims and ephemera, acrylic paints and gels, oil stick, and washes, inks and glazes. I cut, rip, nail, glue, screw, burn, hammer, pulverize, kick and curse my materials. Constructions draw on imagery both medieval and modern. Surfaces are crafted in an overlaid fashion, suggesting ambiguous and illusionistic spaces. . The realized pieces celebrate the textures, colors and compositions peculiar to found, cannibalized and re-codified objects For the most part, I focus on process, investigation and experimentation. This allows me to work in an unedited fashion, and have fun while exploring the expressive properties of the materials.

Artwork submitted for the SMFA Art Sale


  Four or Five Planes  (2017)
Wall Hanging - Mixed Media
Medium: mixed media collage on board  
Edition:    Quantity: 1
Dimensions (inches):   W: 18 H: 18