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Efharis Alepedis
Affiliation:; Alumni
Dual Degree

Artist Statement
ARTIST STATEMENT Inspiration can come from anywhere at any time. Outdoor excursions are often the instigator of my creative process. I sketch, photograph, and collect objects from Nature. Sometimes, I surround myself with them for inspiration. Other times, I incorporate these objects into my work. Trips to the homeland of my parents Greece often inspire my work. The sea, or more specifically, marine creatures and other beauty of the deep-sea ecosystems that shelter them, are the basis of this work. These pieces are meant to investigate some of these forms.

Artwork submitted for the SMFA Art Sale


  Black Sea Urchin Necklace with Coral  (2017)
Jewelry - Necklace
Medium: Sea Urchins,Rubber,Epoxy Resin, Pigments,Ster  
Edition:    Quantity: 1
Dimensions (inches):   W: 9 H: 11