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Cheryl Jaffe
Affiliation:; Alumni


Awards/Fellowships:   2012, 2007, 2006 Artist of the Year, Cambridge Art Association 2010, 2005 Juror's Choice Awards (Jurors: Ricardo Barreto, Edgar Driscoll)

Personal website:
Artist Statement
In my series, Pieces, I create with tiny pieces of paper cut into simple geometric shapes: squares, rectangles, lines, and circles. My mantra with this work is a meditative freedom. Through the multiplicity of shapes and layers, everything seems organic. My mind is relaxed. The process creates an architectural assemblage inspired by Japanese, Tibetan, and Italian art and practiced in a silent state of doing – constructing tiny bits of myself into a formal image.

Artwork submitted for the SMFA Art Sale


  Pieces 15  (2006)
Wall Hanging - Collages
Medium: paper collage  
Edition:    Quantity: 1
Dimensions (inches):   W: 24 H: 22

  Thinking of Tibet  (2019)
Wall Hanging - Collages
Medium: Paper collage  
Edition:    Quantity: 1
Dimensions (inches):   W: 18 H: 22